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How to know when you need to hire an electrician:

You've lost power.
If you have lost power, chances are you need an electrician.  However, the problem might be something simple.  You want to try a few simple remedies first.  If you have lost all power, check with FP&L because it may be an outage in your area.  If you have lost power in only part of your house and you have a breaker box, find the breaker for the affected area; if it is off, turn it back on; if it looks on, turn it completely off and then completely back on.  Sometimes a breaker looks "on" but is partially tripped.  If the loss of power is limited to a specific area in or near a bathroom, check your GFI outlets (the ones with the "reset" button on them) and be sure the button is pressed in.  If none of this applies, give us a call -- sometimes we can talk you through another solution.  If not, we'll schedule an appointment and take care of the problem.
You have a fuse box.
Yes, you need an electrician to change out your service to a breaker panel.  A fuse box was nice forty years ago, but it can be a fire hazard now and is not safe for you and your family.
You bought a new water heater.
You need a plumber to install the plumbing, not an electrician.  We can help with the electrical connection, but first hire your plumber and then give us a call.
You hired a handyman to repair your {insert anything electrical here} and now something is wrong.
Yes, you need a licensed electrician.  (We hear this all the time.  Give us a call.)


"You have my personal guarantee:  when I finish your job, you will be happy."     Keith Harrod, Owner and Master Electrician

You bought a generator and need to connect it to your house.
You made a good decision!  Well done.  Now you need an electrician to install a generator transfer switch.  Give us a call.
FP&L came and disconnected your electricity.  (Or someone stole your meter box.)
You need an electrician.  We will coordinate with FP&L to determine the cause of the problem and what needs to be done.  You almost certainly will need a permit.  You absolutely must hire a licensed electrician, as FP&L will not restore power until after an inspection has been done by an electrical inspector on the electrical permit.


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You want a ceiling fan installed or a single outlet moved.
You can install a ceiling fan yourself if you know how to do it, or you can hire an electrician; for an outlet, you should hire an electrician.  For either job, if that's all you need done, you probably want someone other than Essex Electrical Service Inc.  We tend to focus our services on larger or more complicated jobs.  Sorry!
You have three-phase and have only partial power.
You definitely need an electrician competent to do three-phase work.  We specialize in three-phase work.  Give us a call. 
You have another question.
Give us a call!  Sometimes we can talk you through a temporary solution on the phone.   Sometimes we cannot.  But we'll give you the straight scoop and if you choose to hire us, we'll schedule the service appointment at a convenient time for you and get the problem fixed.



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